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Mass Effect Andromeda Frame-Rate Won’t Be Locked To 30 Fps On PC

There’s a lot of talk about Mass Effect Andromeda these days and it seems Mass Effect Andromeda frame-rate won’t be locked to 30 fps on PC.

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Creative director Mac Walters talked about it during a recent interview with GameInformer, and he basically stated that Mass Effect Andromeda PC will have a higher frame-rate than the console version, since it’s hard for consoles to handle with different settings.

Of course there’s still a lot of work to improve this game, but it seems consoles won’t have it easy.

By the way, Mass Effect Andromeda frame-rate is not the only important topic for this game right now.

In fact, a multiplayer beta has been recently announced.

This multiplayer beta for Mass Effect Andromeda has been announced by Bioware’s Fabrice Condominas and the main aim of it will be to provide feedbacks helping the team improve the game multiple ways.

If you are interested in joining this beta, you can register here and cross your fingers.

However, one of the main problem with the industry is developers don’t take their time to develop games in a proper way. As a result, we have 60GB day one patches, bugs and unfinished games.

But these problems won’t affect Mass Effect Andromeda, since the development team has claimed that they are willing to delay its release it if this helps improving its quality.

It’s about time. Few people really care about the players feedback and how the game comes out.

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to release in fall 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs.