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Here’s How To Transfer Your Playstation 4 Data To The Playstation 4 Pro

If you’re one of the many people that are undoubtedly going to be buying a Playstation 4 Pro, but are worried about your data, don’t worry. The official Playstation blog has a walkthrough on how you can transfer your Playstation 4 data over to a Playstation 4 Pro once you buy it and get it set up.

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Following these quick and easy steps will make it easier for you to start playing on your new console without having to give up all the data you’ve accumulated in three years of owning a Playstation 4. In order to transfer your Playstation 4 data, all you need is to just have an LAN cable, with both consoles switched on.

From there, you have to check and make sure that your Playstation 4’s software is up to date (4.0, in case you’re wondering). Then, you have to connect to your broadband network, and sign into PSN. Only your Pro needs to be connected to your TV to do the transfer. Next, you just have to sign into your Playstation 4 Pro with your PSN ID and password.

Once you’ve done that, you will be asked if you want to start transferring data from your old Playstation 4, since you’re signing into a new console from your old one. Next, you have to start the transfer, then press and hold your Playstation 4’s power button until you hear a beep. This will prepare your data to be used and transferred over to the Playstation 4 Pro.

Next, you’ll have to connect both consoles to one another with the LAN cable, into their respective LAN ports on their backs. After that, choose the data you want to transfer, and then activate your primary Playstation 4.

Now that you’ve gone through the process to transfer your Playstation 4 data to your Playstation 4 Pro, you’re ready to get on with your new console, and do anything from sell your old Playstation 4 or do something else with it.