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Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro Patch To Enable 4K Will Be Available In December

Square Enix recently revealed some more info about Final Fantasy XV in their Active Time Report, specifically regarding the Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro patch.

While the game itself will be releasing on both PS4 and PS4 Pro on 29th November, the Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro patch will be released sometime in December. Square Enix hasn’t given any fixed date for the release of the patch.

The patch is aimed to enable two different play modes in Final Fantasy 15 for the high-end Sony console. One mode will target achieving 1080p with 60 frames while the other mode will enable 4K resolution at 30FPS.

As of right now, the 1080p mode is currently between 45 and 60 FPS although Square Enix still has a month to further optimize the game and deliver according to the true potential of the upgraded hardware.

The report also revealed that a new playable demo called Justice Disk will also be available exclusive to Japan. The demo will showcase the first half of chapter one of the game and as of right now, the only way to download is through a Japanese account to access Japanse PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace.

It is interesting that despite owning the more expensive and powerful console from Sony, fans will still have to wait a while before they can utilize the hardware and play the game on 4K when the game itself is releasing almost 3 weeks after the launch of the new console. Hopefully, the wait isn’t too long and the Final Fantasy 15 PS4 Pro patch is out by the first week of December.

After numerous delays, Final Fantasy 15 is finally releasing on PS4 and Xbox One on 29th November. Kingsglaive, the animated movie coupled with the special editions of the game is already available as a separate purchase.

Those interested in the music of the game can pre order the soundtrack, featuring the main theme performed by Florence of Florence + The Machine. The soundtrack will be available on 21st December.