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Hitman Developers IO Interactive Reveal New Development Studio

IO Interactive, the developers best known for their Hitman franchise as well as some lesser known titles like Kane & Lynch, recently finished work on their new Copenhagen development studio, ready to start working on new titles.

The Danish developers’ new office has an on-site motion capture studio for game development as well as other luxury needs for the staff where they can kick back and relax during down time with foosball and arcade games.

With the unveiling of the studio, IO Interactive also revealed a new logo for the firm, marking a “new chapter in the digital world”

The company, which recently finished the final episode of first season of the 2016 Hitman game and with this new studio, they aim to continue their trend of digital distribution instead of physical releases, which the company has always done in the past.

Hannes Seifert, studio head of IO Interactive recently talked to about their different take on the development of the Hitman franchise.

IOI has always been a studio that creates unique and interesting games, it comes from the idea that we want our games to play and feel like the people that create them. Our new studio is the perfect place to continue doing that. It’s an energetic, high-tech and exciting place to work that has been created specifically for our needs as an ambitious development studio.

The latest Hitman game was met with generally positive reviews despite initial reservations regarding its episodic format, which was not only a first for the franchise but also for the developer. Seifert believes that it is this very specific release format which resulted in the game being as good as it was.

Even though digital distribution of games is a huge deal these days, especially when it comes to PC, the industry has been a bit reluctant on changing its shipping model. The success of Telltale Games’ episodic format games made Seifert realize that IO Interactive had to be daring and he believes the risk paid off.