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Xbox One Scorpio’s Processing Power Shouldn’t Be Used for 4K: Taigo Sousa

Taigo Sousa, the lead developer on ID Software’s Doom game, has said that he doesn’t like that the Xbox One Scorpio’s processing power is being used for 4K, according to a recent tweet he made. The developer said that the 6 teraflops of processing power, which is one of the Scorpio’s main selling points, would be better used to improving 1080p graphics.

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Unlike the Playstation 4 Pro, which requires games on it to be able to run in 4K for the most part, the Xbox One Scorpio doesn’t require developers to develop for 4K and is instead allowing them to upscale their games to 1080p. Some developers aim to take this route instead of upscaling their games to 4K, which lessens the workload and also makes the improved graphics more accessible to people that don’t have 4K TVs.

According to Sousa, the Xbox One Scorpio’s processing power being used to make 4K is irrelevant, as most gamers will be sitting enough of a distance away from their televisions for the difference in graphics to not make any real difference (especially considering that sitting too close to your TV can damage your eyesight).

The Xbox One Scorpio has prided itself on being not only different from the Playstation 4 Pro, but also more powerful. The Scorpio has 6 teraflops of processing power, while the Playstation 4 Pro only has 4.2. By that math, the Xbox One Scorpio should be able to make its 4K look better than the Playstation 4 Pro’s 4K.

Either way, if the Xbox One Scorpio’s processing power would be better used making the 1080p option of games ported for it look better, then that’s the prerogative of the developers to make it that way. If the processing power is better used in making sure that the game can be upscaled to 1080p and have a higher framerate, we’ll likely see more than a few developers working on that when the Scorpio comes out.