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The First Ever Physical Copy Of The Last Guardian Revealed

The Last Guardian took almost a decade to develop, and as the game has gone gold, there is not much time left before we get it to enjoy it.

The manufacturing of the game’s physical copies started as soon as the game went gold. Now, designer Fumito Ueda has revealed the very first physical copy of the game.

Geoff Keighley has posted a picture with designer Fumito Ueda, showing off the first ever copy in the world.

The Last Guardian First physical copy

Recently Sony revealed that The Last Guardian Composer’s Choice PS4 Music App, that will feature 19 tracks which will also be available separately at launch.

The app will support both stereo and surround playback, and will also allow the user to export the tracks as stereo MP3 files.

Sony has also announced The Last Guardian bundle for the Playstation 4, which will be available when the game launches and the bundle will be priced at 349.99 Euros.

As I mentioned earlier that development on The Last Guardian spanned over a decade and according to Fumito Ueda, it was difficult for the team to stick with the original idea of the game, but nothing has changed in that idea.

He said through these nine years he had to remind himself of what kind of game he set out to make, what was game’s personality going to be.

Ueda also said that he won’t be playing the game for almost a year after its release. He explained the reason behind this decision is that he will only see the flaws in his game.

The Last Guardian is an upcoming action adventure game developed by Team ICO and will launch on December 6, 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4.