The Division Directx 12 Support Coming Soon, Currently Available on PTS

The Division has been one of the most successful games for Ubisoft, and while the game had issues at launch, the devs sorted most of them out in the patch 1.4. But it seems that Ubisoft Massive is not yet done with the game, as DirectX 12 support will be coming soon.

As we already know that The Division update 1.5 is live for the Public Test Server(PTS), which includes the survival mode and more. The same patch also brings DirectX 12 support to the game too but currently it is only available for the PTS.

The division directx 12

DirectX 12 should offer improved framerates for those with compatible systems, but Nvidia hardware has been having a hard time with this API, as using DirecX 12 in some cases does not smoothen the frame rate but drops it. Let’s hope this changes with The Division.

The Survival mode, currently available in the PTS, brings a host of new features including 24 players on the LZ map, Hunger and cold mechanics and much more.

  • Game modes PvP Survival OR PvE Survival – Groups can meet on the map and help each other but not kill each other in PvE mode
  • 24 players on the LZ map
  • WHEN YOU DIE ==> GAME OVER! (you can be revived from the downed state)
  • Hunger, cold mechanics
  • You are sick and need to extract yourself
  • You start with a pistol only and with no / bad gear
  • Clothing has a ‘cold’ rating that protects from the blizzard
  • Crafting plays an important role
  • Hideouts’ – like apartments (those are not safe house)
  • Crafting benches in the hideouts
  • You need to build a new mask / virus filter when you want to enter the DZ / contaminated zones
  • On the borders of the map the enemies are weaker and get stronger when you move closer to the center of the map
  • No need to be L30 to play Survival – Just need access to the BoO
  • No link to World Tier – every player plays at the same difficulty level (you start with a simple green pistol) and works your way up

The Division is a third person online shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.