PS4 Pro Trailer Introduces the World’s Most Powerful Console, Until Project Scorpio Arrives?

Sony has released a new trailer for PS4 Pro, the world’s most powerful console.

PS4 Pro Launch Trailer

Interestingly, the trailer introduces PS4 Pro as the world’s most powerful console, but if look closely, you should be able to read the following:

“Most Powerful” means when compared to other consoles on the market on 10.11.2016.

It is clear that Sony is referring to Microsoft’s upcoming 4K console codenamed Project Scorpio which is scheduled to launch sometime during Holiday Season 2017 and is speculated to be more powerful than PS4 Pro.

You can check out the newly released trailer attached above and see the text at about 00:06 mark.

Apart from this, the trailer also showcases some of the games which will take advantage of PS4 Pro hardware including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Call of Duty… Infinite Warfare, Gran Turismo Sport, and more. Some of the features of PS4 Pro include:

The world’s most powerful console is here. The super-charged PlayStation 4 Pro launches on 10th November, featuring dynamic 4K gaming, stunning HDR colour and faster, more stable frame rates.

Sony’s PS4 Pro is officially scheduled to launch tomorrow on Nov. 10, 2016 in Europe and North America. The console boasts a 1TB storage and several improvements over the standard Playstation 4 but lacks a 4K-enabled Blu-ray drive.

Are you planning on switching to PS4 Pro from the standard PS4 anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!