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Nintendo Mobile Games Are A Priority for DeNA

According to the mobile game developer DeNA, Nintendo mobile games are the main priority for the company, along with concentrating their efforts on both Eastern and Western mobile markets. DeNA has three different mobile titles that will be coming both this year and next year on mobile platforms.

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The three games that DeNA is developing are the endless runner Super Mario Run, which will release in December, and two other games: an Animal Crossing game and a Fire Emblem game, which are going to release sometime next year (though we have no idea of what genre of mobile game they will be.)

Super Mario Run and the other two games are the first Nintendo mobile games that have been officially licensed by the company that aren’t for the Nintendo 3DS or other handhelds along those lines.

While DeNA has said that their focus is primarily on the Eastern market, the company is relying on Nintendo to help bring it to have a Western presence, and what better way to do that than with mobile games based on Nintendo properties?

Other video game developers have previously allowed their own properties to come onto the mobile market. Square Enix, for instance, has placed a large number of the older Final Fantasy games onto the iOS Store, making them capable of being played on an iPhone or iPad.

Sega has also ported the very first “Sonic The Hedgehog” game onto mobile phones including iOS and Android, allowing you to play the original “endless runner” on your phone.

If this trend continues, we may be seeing more and more mobile ports of Nintendo mobile games and other companies putting more of their games on mobile devices, and in Nintendo we may even start seeing a Virtual Console for iOS and Android and other phones, if Nintendo thinks it will be worth it to port older games onto them.