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Which Abilities Can The New Overwatch Character Sombra Disable

After months of teasing and speculation, Blizzard finally announced the highly anticipated Overwatch character Sombra with an animated short followed by two other videos, one focusing on her origin while the other on her abilities.

While being an offense hero, Sombra seems to be more alongside the lines of Tracer where her main role is to be more of an annoyance than outright delivering damage like Soldier 76 or Reaper. Her abilities are also more along the lines of Utility instead of damage.

One such ability which Sombra has is called Hack which allows her to disable health packs as well as interrupt channeled abilities from enemy heroes, including their ultimates. Of course in order to balance things, she can’t interrupt every ability in the game, including passives and buffs such as Mercy’s Healing or Damage boost beam.

The newly introduced Overwatch character Sombra can disable Genji’s Swift Strike or Deflect ability, before he casts them, using Hack although the ultimate Dragonblade remains unaffected by her hack as well as her ultimate, EMP.

Whenever Sombra takes damage, if she is still casting Hack it will get interrupted which is why, while she can EMP or Hack Pharah’s ultimate, if she takes damage the hack will be interrupted. Same goes for Reaper’s Death Blossom and it can be disabled through EMP or Hack as well as his teleport during the beginning of the animation.

Soldier 76 is probably the one most affected by Sombra’s hack as all his abilities except Tactical Visor get disabled, including the Sprint.

Overwatch character Sombra

Sombra can also disable enemy Sombra’s Translocator teleport as well as affect her even when she is cloaked to prevent her from using further abilities. Tracer’s Recall can also be disabled with the Hack.

Turrets, both Bastion and Torbjorn, are perhaps the easiest prey for Sombra as her Hack can force Bastion into normal form as well as disable Self-Repair while Torbjorn’s turrets can be disabled using hack or EMP.

Roadhog’s self-healing ability as well as ultimate can both be hacked and the same goes for Lucio, where the hack prevents him from using Crossfade. Since Sound Barrier requires Lucio to slam down on a surface, he can be hacked during the animation to disable the ultimate.