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New Metro Game Will Be Releasing in 2017, Says Official Metro Website

The official website for the Metro 2033 book series has said that the new Metro game will be releasing sometime next year, though we don’t have any other details aside from a small blurb that talks about “an era of great discoveries” coming now that the books have ended their story, but what the new Metro game would have in it remains to be seen.

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The Metro 2033 series of video games is based on the book series of the same name, a Russian series by Dmitry Glukhovsky. It tells the story of Russian society in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear exchange that has seen the world apparently enveloped in a nuclear winter, forcing humanity underground, into the Moscow subway system, besieged by a variety of mutants as they attempt to hold out in subway stations made into small cities.

The last game, Metro: Last Light, ended (in the good ending at least) with the young Dark One mutant that served as a major character in the game leaving with others of its kind as they promised to one day help rebuild the Earth’s surface in the middle of a conflict between a station of Russian Nazis, a reborn Communist movement, and other stations over the contents of an old military bunker known as D6.

Whatever the new Metro game will involve, it will likely continue the story of Artyom, the main character of the series, as he fights to keep humanity alive as a member of the Order of Rangers. We’ll likely end up seeing just as many new horrors and freaky things as we’ve seen in the other areas of the Metro as well, and likely continue to fight not only the monsters of the metro, but also the monster that is man.

If you want to see the “canon” story of Artyom, you can buy the English versions of the Metro books off of Amazon or other online retailers.