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New Destiny Hotfix Adds QOL Improvements, Removes Raid Farming

A new Destiny hotfix has been released by Bungie to adjust a number of small problems with the game now that Rise of Iron is around a month old. The hotfix adds various quality of life improvements to the game, addresses armor and weapon problems and silver dust, and also removes a farming exploit.

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To begin with, the various quality of life improvements brought on by the hotfix will finally allow Rise of Iron gear from the Crucible and Vanguard to drop from engrams dropped by enemies, so you’ll no longer have to buy gear from Shaxx and any of the three Vanguard commanders if you want something stronger.

If you’ve got armor that came from the Dusty Engrams that Saladin sells for Silver Dust, you’ll also be able to get one part of that Silver Dust back if you dismantle that armor, instead of everything just going into Legendary Marks.

You also no longer have to pay for ornaments for your Iron Banner, Heroic Strike, and Trials of Osiris armor in Silver Dust.

The second thing fixed in the new Destiny hotfix includes a fix to a farming exploit that players have been using in order to get SIVA Key Fragments, which are used in order to upgrade gear that players get from the Wrath of the Machine raid, where you can get the key fragments.

On the Normal mode raid, you could get up to six key fragments for killing the raid’s bosses, but you will only be able to get them once now until the weekly reset.

Finally, Bungie has fixed a problem with the Taken King version of the Winter’s Run strike, where players would not get a Skeleton Key when they should. The new Destiny hotfix has also fixed that.

All of these adjustments come just in time for this month’s Iron Banner to happen, so you can look forward to dealing with these new fixes in between fighting for glory at the Iron Temple.