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Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Breakdown, All the Tidbits That You Might Have Missed

On N7 Day, Bioware finally unveiled a new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer filled with a lot of information regarding the new characters and locations of the game. Some of these details might have been overlooked by some viewers on account of them being too excited about the upcoming game.

However, everyone can relax as we have a breakdown of the trailer for you guys, going into the nitty gritty of the Mass Effect Andromeda trailer.

The trailer begins with a narration from a male character, who is most probably the father of the Ryder siblings players will get to play as in the game. Another shot shows us the exterior of the ship, Hyperion, which will undoubtedly serve as the Normandy of the new game.

The following image spices up things though and shows the male Ryder falling out of Hyperion into space, surrounded by a lot of debris suggesting this portion of the game might be a lot similar to the starting part of Mass Effect 2.

Whether this scene actually takes place at the start of the game or not is unclear as the next shot shows male Ryder on a desert planet, suggesting different types of environments on planets in the Andromeda galaxy. A follow up shot shows a smaller airship flying towards a wrecked spaceship. Whether the wreck is of Hyperion or not is unclear.

Another shot on the same desert planet shows the usual 3-man squad formation from previous Mass Effect games as well as the Nomad ND1 included in the Collector’s Edition of the game.

The trailer also shows a few of the monster enemies players will have to fight in game including what looks a lot like a Rancor from Star Wars as well as worm type monster which looks like the Thresher Maw from Mass Effect 2, although with a lot of robotic tech this time.

The trailer also shows us a look at the entire Ryder family, both siblings as well as their father who turns out was a part of N7, the highest proficiency level personnel in the Systems Alliance military, which Sheppard from the previous Mass Effect games was also a part of. Perhaps this would explain why the Ryder family left the Milky Way before the events of Mass Effect 2.

The alien, who is most probably the main villain of the game is also shown in the Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, although his face is never focused upon, among what appears to be a relic side. Other confirmed alien races so far from the trailer include Asari and Salarian, at least one of which will be a crew member.

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