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Valve Rolls Out Steam Discovery Update 2.0 To Better Customize Steam Store Page

Valve’s digital store front and the most popular digital distribution platform on PC just received an overhaul, following the recent DualShock 4 support update, in new Steam Discovery update, building upon the Steam Discovery update 1.0 released in 2014.

The update not only gives a new look to the Steam Store page but also improves browsing and navigation while handing users more tools to customize the Store page as they desire.

One of the biggest complaint Steam users have with the platform is how unintuitive it can be in some situations where users have to open a specific game’s page to learn more about it.

That issue has been fixed in most part as the Featured & Recommended section now displays more information about a game including genre tags and screenshots. Users can also add a game to wishlist or mark it as Not Interested on the same page through a drop down menu.

The Special Offers section has been improved as well and moved to the forefront so that discounts and deals don’t go unnoticed.

Another section of the new Steam store shows games currently trending among a user’s Steam friends so they can keep track of what is hot and what’s not.

The Quick Access panel on the left side of the screen is the same for the most part besides some further tweaks here and there similar to the Discovery Queue which displays games personalized by a user’s playing preference.

The List section of the store also got a pretty big change during Steam Discovery update as now it no longer displays games a user already owns so the Popular New Releases, Top Sellers, Upcoming and Specials list section is more relevant instead of being filled with games already in Library.

Pretty much every section of the new Store page now displays screenshots of any game that is highlighted as well as community genre tags so there is no time wasted checking out details on the game’s page.