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Project Scorpio Rumored To Run All UWP Games For PC At 4K

According to a recent rumor from Windows Central, it seems that Microsoft’s upcoming console, Project Scorpio, will be able to run 4K resolution on any game that is natively programmed for Universal Windows Platform.

The report suggests that unlike PS4 Pro, which requires patches for a game to be able to work at 4K, since both Xbox One and Windows 10 use UWP, developers will have to do minimal work for a game to run at 4K on Project Scorpio since the PC version of those games has already achieved that.

The Coalition has previously confirmed that Gears of War 4 is ready to run at a 4K resolution on Project Scorpio. This is because Project Scorpio can run 4K Windows 10 Store Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games natively.

According to their sources, any game programmed natively for UWP on Windows 10 will run on Project Scorpio with a minute amount of changes as Microsoft wants to clear up any barriers between consoles and PC.

Windows Central also reported that Project Scorpio will be much more than just a 4K capable gaming console or entertainment system (if it does end up getting a UHD Blu Ray drive like Xbox One S).

Apparently the dev kits of the new console will be a “one-stop shop” for all Xbox related development, making it easier to create games for Windows 10, Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

When a game is being run by a customer, it will detect the hardware making the runtime request and unpack the correct assets dynamically. Since UWP games on PC already support most Xbox features, including controllers, there will be a minimal amount of work involved when bringing PC UWP games to the Xbox consoles

Project Scorpio is set to launch sometime next year, most probably around Holiday season. While currently there is no information about its price tag, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer recently said that customers should not worry about the price.