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Someone Has Set GPU Speed World Record On Nvidia Pascal GTX 1060

Nvidia Pascal, the latest GPU architecture from the company has managed to break the GPU frequency world record.

The record was broken by an enthusiast during the Galax GOC 2016 event where they managed to push the Nvidia Pascal GPUs beyond their intended boundaries, ensuring that Pascal chips remain the highest clocked chips in the market right now.

The Pascal GPU series, commonly known as GeForce 10 series has some of the world’s fastest GPUs in it right now and previously, Nvidia had showcased a demo of their GP104 chip running at 2.1GHz. It was believed that this is the limit of these GPUs which is why even other variants of the same chip are around 1.9-2.1GHz speed range.

An overclocker, FireKillerGR, at Galax GOC 2016 event held recently managed to go past this notion though as he pushed the Galax GTX 1060 HOF GOC Edition way past this limit and managed to hit 2.8GHz (2885MHz) on LN2, making it not only the highest achieved speed on a GP106 chip but also the highest core speed on any GPU.

To reach the speed, the Greek overclocker had to reduce temperature down to -150 degrees and amp the voltage up to 1.55V. The GPU’s memory clock, which sits at 8GHz by default, was also amped up to 10GHz and the Core i7 6700K processor used was pushed to 6GHz.

Not only did he reach those speed values, he was also able to maintain them for the duration of 3DMark benchmark tests and received a score of 6349 in 3DMark Time Spy and 8846 in 3DMark Firestrike Extreme.

It’s really amazing to see a GPU such as GTX 1060, which although a great GPU is in no way the best GPU in the market right now, powered by a 8+6 pin power configuration reaching such speeds.