Watch First 33 Minutes Of Dead Rising 4, Kill Them All

Dead Rising 4 is getting close to its launch and less than one month remains before we can play this game. Now Capcom has revealed the first 33 minutes of the upcoming game to keep the hype train going.

This Dead Rising 4 gameplay comes from the IGN, which showcases Frank West mowing down hordes of zombies and being himself. The video starts with Frank West waking up in the mall and hearing voices from his past as he kills the zombies coming at him.

Turns out the voice is the zombie form of Frank himself which eats him in the end, and Frank wakes up from his nightmare.

The video showcases that Frank is now a professor who teaches photography, and one of his student calls him in the night to go for mini-golf. Turns out his student is just trying to get some photos of a secret military base. Frank infiltrates the base and surprise, the base is full of zombies.

Capcom has some high expectations from Dead Rising 4, as the company has revealed that it expects the game to sell 2 million units and Resident Evil 7 to sell 4 million units. Given that Dead Rising 4 is PC and Xbox One timed exclusive, so the sales expectations are low.

Capcom has also removed the infamous timer from Dead Rising 4 that fans of the series dread so much. According to Capcom Vancouver studio head Joe Nickolls, the studio did quite a lot of research on the timer and most of the gamers did not like the idea of a timer.

Dead Rising 4 is an open-world zombie beat ’em up video game in development at Capcom Vancouver, and the game is scheduled to launch on December 6, 2016 exclusively for PC and Xbox One.