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Battlefield 1 Is The Biggest Launch In The DICE’s History, Launch Week Stats Revealed

Since the reveal of Battlefield 1 and up to its launch, the hype train for the game was in full throttle. So, it comes as no surprise that Battlefield 1 is the biggest launch in the history of the developing studio, DICE.

That is not all, DICE has also revealed the stats for that game’s launch week. According to DICE, in the first week of the game’s launch, players has put in a total of 59 million hours of gameplay, 9 million hours were spent within the operations.

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Furthermore, players earned a total of 32 million Battlepacks, 1.6 million Behemoths were deployed. Scout knife was the weapon of choice for the melee kills.

As we know horses are no match for flame troopers, anti-vehicle and sentries, but that did not stop players from bringing a horse to the battle. So, flame troopers, anti-vehicle and sentries took out a total of 123,084 horses. I think players will take this as a lesson.

Operations mode was widely praised by critics and players alike, and Conquer Hell was the most popular operation. 842,426 Pigeons were sent in the War Pigeons Mode.

Dynamic weather is also an important part of the Battlefield 1, and averagely 2 times weather changed for every match.

Battlefield 1 stats

DICE has also announced the Battlefest. Starting from November 16, this event will give players log in bonuses, special community missions, and new Battlepacks.

Hardcore servers for Battlefield 1 are also on their way. A Fog Of War mode will be added to the game, which will have limited visibility.

Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter set in World War 1, and is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.