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Amazon Listing Indicates Battlefield 1 Battlepacks Might Be Available To Purchase Soon

A recently spotted listing on Amazon seems to suggest that like always, EA is getting ready to introduce microtransactions to one of its latest games in the form of Battlefield 1 battlepacks.

An image shared by Reddit user HeavyKalibear shows a store listing on Amazon where users can pre order Battlefield 1 battlepacks in the form of a digital code to be redeemed on Xbox One. Currently, the purchase option seems to be only available for Xbox One version of the game.

The Battlefield 1 battlepacks are available in bundles of 3, 5, 10 and 20 with the cheapest one priced at £4.39 and the most expensive one at £23.99. Amazon’s webpage seems to suggest the battlepack codes will be available on 22nd November.

As of right now, there is no option to purchase or pre order the battlepacks directly through Origin, PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace but the option will most probably appear after 22nd November just as it has been present in previous Battlefield games.

The store page also seems to suggest DICE might be implementing an XP booster system in Battlefield 1 similar to what they had in place for Battlefield 4. One of the potential loot items in these battlepacks mentions XP boost alongside Melee puzzle piece or weapon skin.

Since there is no official word from DICE or EA regarding these battlepacks, it is unclear as to which Revision of battlepack will the players get from purchasing these. Given that the battlepacks earned in-game are currently on 3rd Revision, it is possible that by the time they are available, we might be on Revision 4 or 5.

Battlefield 1 launched last month on 21st October and went on to become the biggest launch developer DICE has ever had, with launch week stats indicating players across all 3 platforms have spent 59 million hours playing the game. The game’s week 1 sales also beat the combined total of both Hardline and Battlefield 4.