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World of Warcraft Vanilla Server Nostalrius Returning As Part of Elysium WoW

Fans can rejoice as World of Warcraft vanilla server Nostalrius is finally returning, as part of Elysium WoW, a Russian hosted private World of Warcraft server network.

World of Warcraft vanilla server Nostalrius was one of the last few remaining vanilla servers of Blizzard’s highly popular MMO while all the others had moved on to different expansions of the game.

A few months ago, Blizzard in yet another attempt to cull privacy and shutdown private servers where players can play the MMO for free, shutdown Nostalrius server and was on the verge of suing its creators.

After a huge outcry from WoW fans, after all around half a million still played on Nostalrius, who preferred staying on vanilla base game content instead of switching to expansions which many agree haven’t been great for a while now, Blizzard decided to sit down for some talks.

While Nostalrius representatives said the talks went well, it later turned out that Blizzard had no interest in keeping legacy servers alive, at least not privately hosted ones and thus the Nostalrius server was no more.

This combined with Blizzard’s plan to not even discuss legacy servers and whether the company will officially host some or not during BlizzCon seems to have prompted the Nostalrius team to take matters into their own hands once again.

The creators have now taken their server to Elysium, in the exact same condition as it was while it had players, and will now be a part of the Elysium’s server network.

Due to the fact that Elysium is hosted in Russia, which is perhaps the biggest region for private servers and many of them are still running strong after numerous cease and desist letters from Blizzard, it seems this time Nostalrius might be here to stay.

Elysium’s team will be hosting a Reddit AMA on 13th November where they might reveal exactly when the new Nostalrius server will go live.