Watch Dogs 2 Creative Director Answers Fan Questions Regarding Game

Watch Dogs 2 creative director, Jonathan Morin, recently sat down with EB Games Australia to answer some of the questions put forward by the Australian gaming community regarding the upcoming game.

While the first game sold really great and made records, it is possible that due to its reviews not everyone might have played it but are now interested in trying out the sequel.

Thanks to the fans who asked the questions, others interested in the game now know that it is not required to play the original Watch Dogs game to understand Watch Dogs 2. Morin said that although there are some connections between both games, they are in such a way that newcomers won’t be overwhelmed.

Answering another question, Watch Dogs 2 creative director Morin also explained the choice behind choosing San Francisco as the game’s world unlike Chicago from the first game. Since the franchise revolves around technology, the developers thought the Bay Area and Silicon Valley would be a perfect fit for the culture they were trying to show in the game.

The setting of the game also further helped in development of the protagonist, Marcus Holloway, who represents a lot of traits found in similar technology enthusiast people. Marcus is shown to be a bit of a geek himself in the game and loves comics and games.

Morin also shed some light on the new hacking abilities in the game such as hacking into cars and driving them around unlike simply hacking to unlock as was in the first game.

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled to be released on PS4 and Xbox One on 15th November, having gone gold, while the PC version has been delayed to 29th. While originally expecting Watch Dogs 2 to be a massive success, Ubisoft recently shared that pre-order numbers are below expectations.

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