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The PTS Has The Division’s Survival and 1.5 Update Live Now

The PTS has The Division’s Survival and 1.5 Update live now.

Finally, The PTS has The Division’s Survival and 1.5 Update that is live now. The breathtaking, adrenaline-boosting action game is now having the survival mode for the players to effortlessly roam and explore the game world according to their own anticipated pace.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival mode was unquestionably the most awaited feature by the game’s fans as the test server was already announced last week.

Players seem quite excited about The Division’s Survival and 1.5 Update but there is a bad news, those who entered The Division’s arena later than November 3rd won’t be able to get their hands on it.

Even if you are a late subscriber, you can grab a sneak peak of the survival mode on its official stream. The new features are simply amazing especially the reward handling.

There is a reward for everything in Survival mode. Some of the newer features as mentioned by Reddit are:

  • Game modes PvP Survival OR PvE Survival – Groups can meet on the map and help each other but not kill each other in PvE mode
  • 24 players on the LZ map
  • WHEN YOU DIE ==> GAME OVER! (you can be revived from the downed state)
  • Hunger, cold mechanics
  • You are sick and need to extract yourself
  • You start with a pistol only and with no / bad gear
  • Clothing has a ‘cold’ rating that protects from the blizzard
  • Crafting plays an important role
  • Hideouts’ – like apartments (those are not safe house)
  • Crafting benches in the hideouts
  • You need to build a new mask / virus filter when you want to enter the DZ / contaminated zones
  • On the borders of the map the enemies are weaker and get stronger when you move closer to the center of the map
  • No need to be L30 to play Survival – Just need access to the BoO
  • No link to World Tier – every player plays at the same difficulty level (you start with a simple green pistol) and works your way up

The 1.5 features the new world tier, a lot of new weapons, new gears and a lot more to quench the gaming thirst of the players. Yet the official patch notes are yet to come.