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Microsoft Issuing Refunds To Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Windows 10 Store Owners

If you are one of those people who ended up purchasing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Windows 10 store version, it’s probably a good idea to ask Microsoft for a refund before it is too late.

Since the game launched last week, it has received generally favorable reviews like most Call of Duty games do, however like most recent Call of Duty games on PC, the player base is really small as is evident by the fact that Infinite Warfare on Steam has a peak player count of just around 15,000.

With such a small player base, it will undoubtedly be a problem finding suitable multiplayer matches and to top that off, those who purchase Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Windows 10 store version will be unable to play with those who have the game on Steam.

Since Windows 10 store is very new and has a lot of issues, barely a handful of people would opt to buy the game from there and that is what seems to have happened.

A reddit user reported that his brother bought the game from Windows Store and tried to play it only to find there were a total of two people looking for a match at that time.

The user reports that his brother actually bought the game to utilize Microsoft’s Play Anywhere feature which the game doesn’t support since it’s not a Microsoft exclusive title.

Thankfully, when the user asked Microsoft for a refund, his application went through successfully and Microsoft ended up issuing a refund without any issues.

It’s a really good thing Microsoft didn’t create a big deal out of a simple refund request as at this point, they really need the goodwill to sustain their Xbox games program on PC.