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Increased Xbox One Ad Spend Has Favored Microsoft in Dethroning PS4

Current market stats show that Xbox Advertising exceeds 27.8 million dollars than PlayStation. Xbox seems to have adopted a ruthless marketing strategy to pitilessly dethrone the giant gaming console manufacturer.

There has been a long going royal clash of throne between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation to grab the throne.

Xbox One outdid PlayStation 4 for last two consecutive months in terms of shipment of units in UK and USA in the months of September and October this year. This battle is never going to be over and both the gaming console manufacturing giants are leaving no stones unturned to win it.

Marketing strategy is undeniably the basic element to boost the sales of the units.

Xbox Advertising exceeds 27.8 million dollars than PlayStation in the recent statistical market analysis. This may be a part of Microsoft’s merciless strategy to counter the sales of Sony.

The results are outwardly well making Xbox One S, the top seller in the market in the month of September as its sales boosted by almost 100% in the UK.

The extensive spending on the advertising is a clear indication that Sony and Microsoft are now ready to take this battle to the next level.

On one hand, Xbox One’s Gears of War 4 is being advertised through NFL ESPN and NBC in peak times. On the other hand, PlayStation 4’s Star Wars Battlefront is being advertised in 11 ads.

One more strategy to drop the rates of the gaming console even in the times of boosted sales by Microsoft is working effectively well and the stores are always going out of stock as soon as the new stock arrives. Seeing the number of shipped units, Xbox One has been a big winner for the two consecutive months recently,

Currently, Xbox Advertising exceeds 27.8 million dollars compared to PlayStation. With the upcoming game titles, who knows how much more is both of them planning to spend on the advertising!