Watch Final Fantasy XV Re-Imagined As An Original PlayStation Game

Final Fantasy is a long running video game franchise, so obviously there are a lot of hardcore fans of the series. Earlier Final Fantasy games might not be as good looking compared to today’s games, but are considered classical. One fan has re-imagined the upcoming Final Fantasy XV as a PS1 game.

YouTuber C4DNerd has created a PS1 version of Final Fantasy XV, complete with random encounters and turn based fight system. The video showcases what Final Fantasy XV would look like if it was released back in the 90s.

In the video we first see Noctis and his friends taking on Niflheim soldiers in turn based combat. Then we see them taking on a boss, and the music is also spot on. At the end of the video there is kind of a joke, that only original PlayStation users will get.

The launch for Final fantasy XV is getting near and fans are getting excited to finally play the game. As we already know that Square Enix will introduce a co-op mode for the game through DLC, Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari has revealed that development team is considering to add Luna as a playable character.

But the producer did not specified that Luna will be added in a DLC or will be a free addition through a patch.

Final Fantasy XV is one of the many games that will support PlayStation 4 Pro, and while the game will have better visuals on the upgraded console, it will not take full advantage of it.

According to Hajime Tabata, the reason for the game to not take full advantage of the console is shortage of time as the development team did not came to know about the PlayStation 4 Pro long ago.

Final Fantasy XV releases on November 29, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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