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PC Version Of Dishonored 2 Will Utilize Denuvo Antitamper DRM

Denuvo has been quite popular among developers and publishers for it has prevented a lot of games from being pirated. While Bethesda is not known for using this DRM tool for its games, but the publisher has decided to use it for the upcoming Dishonored 2.

Bethesda has updated the Steam page for Dishonored 2, and specified that the game will be making use of the Denuvo Antitamper DRM tool.

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Since this DRM tool has been introduced, it has become very difficult for hackers to crack the games. While Denuvo Antitamper has proven very efficient against piracy, but no security measure lasts forever, as hackers have managed to bypass this DRM tool, and games like Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Doom and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst have been cracked.

However, hackers have not been able to bybass it completely as there are a lot of games out there using Denuvo and still have not been cracked.

With the launch of Dishonored 2 getting close, many fans of the series are expecting that a third entry in the Dishonored series is inevitable. According to Harvey Smith, co-creative director of Arkane Studios, the devs have no plan to develop Dishonored 3.

Even Bethesda has clarified that they don’t see a project as a franchise, and clearly said that Dishonored 3 is irrelevant at this point. According to Bethesda’s VP of marketing Pete Hines, they focus on one project at a time and that goes for DLC as well.

PC system requirements have also been revealed for Dishonored 2, and given the current game industry standards the requirements are quite reasonable.

Dishonored 2 is a stealth action adventure game developed by Arkane Studios for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and is scheduled to launch on November 11, 2016.