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Brutal Legend 2 Rumors Squashed by Double Fine

Brutal Legend 2 Rumors cessation by Double Fine has recently happened after the rumors which were circulating the Internet after an Image appeared and became viral due to the massive appreciation by the fans. There have been a lot of requests by fans on Double Fine and Brutal Legend Official Facebook Page for the making the sequel to Brutal Legend.

Lee Patty also tweeted about Brutal Legend 2 Rumors cessation by Double Fine as there would be no Brutal Legends 2, he was just sharing some artwork and there was no intention to spread any swindle about BT2 arrival.

Double Fine has firmly responded that “Due to such enthusiasm and great response by the fans, they may take up any initiative about the excitement of the fans, but still, Brutal Legend 2 is out of the question as they are already busy working on Psychonauts 2.”

The company also clearly stated that the page on which the image appeared is not the official page of the company.

The company has already offered the Limited Edition of Brutal Legend on the 22nd October on its 5th anniversary with a Black on Black cover.

Although Brutal Legend 2 Rumors cessation by Double Fine has already happened but the fans can be seen on the Company’s
Official Page, begging the Company to release a sequel of BT. For now, Double Fine seems to have no intention to work on the development of sequel or Brutal Legend.

A recommendation can be made after seeing the appreciative response from the fans about the sequel but again, developing a new game requires a lot of things than just a viral image.

So far, all the hopes and expectations of fans for Brutal Legend Sequel have been dashed to the ground.