Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Warfighter Rig Class Guide – Traits, Payloads, Ping, Tips

The following guide will discuss Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Warfighter rig class. It is one of the six different classes in Infinite Warfare. Warfighter rig comes with its own traits, features, payloads and much more.

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Accessibility is at the core of Warfighter’s design and is built around a mid-range style of combat. This one will appeal to not only the veterans of the game but newcomers should definitely start off with Warfighter rig.

Infinite Warfare Warfighter Rig Class Guide

Resupply – Resupply lethal and tactical equipment through scavenger bags.

Ping – Kills and assists will send out a ping to locate any nearby enemies.

Persistence – Scorestreaks won’t reset upon death but will take more to attain.


Claw – Rapid fire spread-shot weapon that has ricochet ballistic rounds.

Overdrive – Temporary speed boost.

Combat Focus – Gain double streak points.

Infinite Warfare Rig Class Tips

Traits and Payload of this class can be used in a variety of different game modes. For those who are still getting a hang of things in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Warfighter rig is the way to go. The following section will discuss traits, payloads in details with tips on how effectively use.


Resupply is more effective when used in equipment-focused builds. Loadouts that use Jamming and Blackout grenades to annoy and disable the enemy is where resupply works the best. With that said, it is a very bad decision to use Resupply in non-equipment focused builds.

Create custom classes so one of them at least uses Resupply. You should also have at least one or more Lethals and Tacticals equipped. Objective based game modes, spamming different grenades can give your team an edge.


Ping is a very useful informational trait in Infinite Warfare multiplayer modes. It is very effective in preventing dreaded post-kill ambush from your enemy’s team. Ping needs to be at the heart of every aggressive rushing build.

If you are playing  defensively or at long range, Ping is not very useful. It still has one advantage as it allows you to tag enemies for your teammates.

Keep in mind that The Ghost perk hides enemies from the Ping once you kill an enemy. However, if you take down an enemy with Ghost, a ping would still be generated.

After the kill, if you are ambushed and you didn’t see anyone else on the mini-map, this means that more than one player on the other team is using The Ghost Perk.

The moral of the story is, don’t fully rely on Ping, be aware and ready any attack.


Persistence completely changes the way scorestreaks work upon death. Instead of losing the scorestreak, it remains intact even you are shot down by the enemy.

The downside is that the streaks become much more expensive and can only be acquired once per match. Persistence is more useful with mid-tier streaks. You can easily earn lower streaks with a bit of a practice. Higher streaks are very expensive with Persistence active.


Claw is highly effective when facing more than one enemy. The Payload allows you to have ricochet ballistic rounds that can bounce off walls and has a high spread. Use Claw in narrow corners and spaces for maximum effect. Also, use ADS for more control.

Claw is also known as the Scorestreak killer. You can take down Vultures, Sentries, even the mighty R-C8 or Apex.


You will experience a boost in speed for a short period of time. You can use Overdrive in objective based modes as you may need to reach a certain point or target quickly. Use Overdrive in starting rounds to reach a key chokepoint before the enemy does.

It is also a very decent escape the enemy tool. Use it as a defensive skill to help escape from dangerous situations. However, if the enemy has the same payload it may catch up quickly to take you down so combine it with all running and slide mechanics.

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