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New Ubisoft Developer Diary Shows Off Watch Dogs 2’s San Francisco

Ubisoft has just released a new developer diary that shows off how Watch Dogs 2’s San Francisco works and looks, and all of the work that Ubisoft put into making the city feel alive. San Francisco serves as the setting of Watch Dogs 2, and you’ll have the run of the whole thing as Marcus Holloway.

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According to the video, Watch Dogs 2’s San Francisco was a significant challenge over Watch Dogs 1 and its version of Chicago, mainly because San Francisco in the game is twice the size that Chicago was. Players will be visiting a wide variety of neighborhoods, ranging from the bay itself, to Oakland, to San Francisco itself.

The city will be vibrant and filled with life with NPCs going everywhere and doing different things, so long as you don’t interrupt them. There’ll be street performers, yogis, campers, people will fight and bicker and act like they were actual people in a real city.

In keeping with how Ubisoft treats all of its open-world games, the developers have also done exhaustive research to make Watch Dogs 2’s San Francisco as accurate to the real-life version as possible, doing various things to ensure accuracy that even includes sending a guy with a GoPro on his helmet on a bike ride around the city.

This sort of stuff has previously been in other Ubisoft games, most notably Assassin’s Creed, which used ancient maps of cities like Damascus, Jerusalem, Acre, and other cities to ensure the cities would be accurate to the time period, a practice that has continued to this day.

When Watch Dogs 2 comes out on November 15 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, players will be able to take to the streets of San Francisco and see how well Ubisoft did in modeling the city, especially for natives of San Francisco.