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Developer of Kim Kardashian Mobile Game Acquires Part Of Crowdstar

Glu Mobile, the developer of the popular Kim Kardashian mobile game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, has acquired a controlling portion of the fashion game developer Crowdstar for 45.5 million dollars. This purchase gives them control of the company, as the purchase bought them the majority of Crowdstar’s shares in the stock market.

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The Kim Kardashian mobile game is essentially a game that allows you to control Kim Kardashian as she goes about her life in Hollywood. It’s a freemium game, meaning you can do things for free but can also buy things through microtransactions like many other mobile games. Glu Mobile recorded record earnings from the previous year in the game.

Glu Mobile says that they hope the Crowdstar deal will help other popular celebrities to partner up with the company to make other games, which could generate it even more ad revenue and allow it to expand its audience. According to the CEO, this decision came from Crowdstar’s success in making highly popular highly social and interactive mobile games.

Some of Crowdstar’s games include “Happy Aquarium,” “Happy Pets,” “Wasteland Empires,” “It Girl,” and other titles, many of which are popular, especially on mobile. The company had previously been ranked fourth in terms of the most active Facebook users, with 31 million active people.

Mobile games are normally ported over to Facebook and become extremely popular as a small diversion that you can do in between checking posts or something quick you can play on the website. This phenomenon had previously been observed by games like Farmville and Mafia Wars.

Since the purchase just happened it’s hard to tell what will happen to the Kim Kardashian mobile game as a result of the acquisition, but it’s likely that the game will continue to expand, and we may be seeing more celebrities become a part of it or “star” in other games in the future.