Watch Dogs 2 Pre-Orders Are Below Ubisoft’s Expectations

By   /   Nov 4, 2016
Watch Dogs 2 creative director

The release of Watch Dogs 2 is getting closer, and with the disaster the first game was, the sequel seems to improve on everything that was wrong with it. But it seems that some gamers are still skeptical about the game, as Ubisoft has revealed that Watch Dogs 2 pre-orders are below expectations.

During the Ubisoft’s earnings call, CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that Watch Dogs 2 pre-orders are below what the company was expecting. This reason for low pre-orders could be because of the fact that players are waiting for the reviews since the first Watch Dogs did not deliver what was promised.

One more reason for low pre-orders could be because of the fact that there are a lot of games releasing on November and Battlefield 1, Titnfall 2 and Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare have just released.

Furthermore, Guillemot revealed that The Crew, Rainbow Six Siege and The Division has 10 million registered users each. The Division was a huge success so there is no surprise that it has so much users and after the patch 1.4 the game is rather accessible. The reason for The Crew to have so many registered users could be because of the free giveaway of the game in September.

Ubisoft has also revealed the season pass content for Watch Dogs 2, which is priced at £29.99. The season pass for the game consists of three main expansion that add more story mission including Marcus taking on Russian mafia or the Zodiac killer. The season pass will also give access to cosmetic content like new outfits and more.

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled to launch on November 15, 2016 for Xbox one and PlayStation 4, as for PC the game will launch on November 29 along with slew of PC exclusive features such as 4K support and much more.

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