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Naintic Removes Annoying Pokemon From Rare Eggs In Pokemon Go

Looks like fans of the Pokemon are not yet done with Pokemon Go as there are still many that are playing it. As we know that no game is ever perfect, and such was the case with Pokemon Go. The most annoying of the issues with the game was to walk 10 KM to hatch an egg and in return, get Eevee or another common Pokemon.

However, developer Niantic Labs has come up with a solution for this annoying issue. As noted by Reddit user, JayT88, who posted that Niantic has implemented some changes to Pokemon Go. Now, chances for Eevee to hatch out of an egg has been completed eliminated from eggs that hatch after 10 KM of walk.

Instead, Eevee has been included for those eggs who hatch after 5Km of walk, also Pidgeys and Rattatas have been excluded from the 2 KM eggs.

Part of the reason why Eevee has been removed from 10 KM eggs was that the 10 KM eggs are difficult to obtain and obviously take quite some time to hatch. So a lot of players were frustrated that after 10 KM of walk all they got was an Eevee.

It is a common knowledge that Pokemon Go has been successful more than what Niantic Labs expected. Also the game is the fastest mobile game to reach the mark of $600 million in revenue, even though the growth for the game has been slowing down. According to market researcher App Annie, Pokemon Go reached the $600 million mark in just 90 days.

The next Pokemon game to release is Pokemon Sun And Moon, which launches on November 18, and the game is the most pre-ordered game in the history of Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android.