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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Update 1.03 Is 5.8 Gigs, 15 Minutes Shown

As with all too many games these days, there will be a day one update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Infinite Warfare update 1.03 will be a 5.8 gigabyte update, upping the game’s 45 gigabyte size to around 51 gigabytes when the game comes out tomorrow. However, we have no patch notes for what will be included.

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According to the Playstation 4 update history, Infinite Warfare update 1.03 will be for security and stability updates, likely to help the game’s servers stay online in the event of a lot of player activity that might overwhelm the servers, and keep people from trying to hack into them and be able to cheat in the multiplayer.

The updates for Modern Warfare Remastered, which will be shipping along with Infinite Warfare, total a much larger day one update, totaling around nine gigabytes. With all of the updates that are planned to come to the game by the end of the year, the combined size of both may end up totaling around 130 gigabytes.

Since the game comes out tomorrow, we’ve also gotten another sneak peek of the game from IGN, which shows players the game’s opening cutscene, its first mission, and our introduction to Admiral Salen Kotch, the leader of the Settlement Defense Front and the game’s main antagonist as a team of special ops soldiers travel to Jupiter’s moon Europa in order to prevent the Settlement Defense Front from stealing a prototype weapon.

Considering that both one of the most beloved Call of Duty games and one of the most thrashed (even though they haven’t played it) games are going to be bundled together, whether or not players will be able to see what Infinite Warfare update 1.03 entails in its multiplayer might take a while, especially if more people play Modern Warfare Remastered rather than they do Infinite Warfare.