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Rumor: Are There Stolen Playstation 4 Accounts Being Used Right Now?

A recent issue to be brought before Sony is bringing up the possibility that there are some stolen Playstation 4 accounts that have been taken from Playstation Network users, leaving them unable to access their accounts while also leaving their finances in possible jeopardy. The news came from various social media posts.

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While this hasn’t been confirmed yet, it would be another major security breach that Sony has to deal with, even with the implementation of two-step identification that should have gone through by now to help increase security for the Playstation Network.

But, if someone has found a way past that and has stolen Playstation 4 accounts, gaming companies may have to beef up their security even more.

This may have even happened two weeks ago when a major DDOS attack hit the Playstation Network in addition to other websites like Twitter, with people using the downtime in order to steal Playstation user information and even credit card numbers to use.

Various Twitter accounts of other Playstation 4 users have pointed more towards the possibility of stolen Playstation 4 accounts; one user by the name of Doctor Game has said that he was charged 50 euros for a purchase that he didn’t make, so if any of our readers are unable to log into their accounts, you should probably do your best to lock your credit card so that whoever might have stolen your account won’t be able to make any purchases with your money.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait for any sort of official response from Sony, instead of relying on various anecdotes from players. With luck, Sony will swiftly come up with a response, unless they’d like another Congressional inquiry that may result in them getting punished more severely than they did the last time they had a major breach.