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Pokemon Sun and Moon Is Pushing The 3DS To Its Limits

With Pokemon Sun and Moon only around two weeks from coming out, we’re starting to get more information on it, and that includes that Pokemon Sun and Moon is pushing the limits of what the 3DS is able to do as a platform. Considering how the game looks, it’s not that hard to believe.

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Pokemon has been getting better and better looking since its inception, and the Alola Region is going to make it look the best. Player characters have been given a size upgrade, and the games now have a form of cutscene that causes the players to have to be more detailed than they were before, rather than just being distant sprites. The Pokemon in the game have gone the same way.

Considering that the new games will be coming out for the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, the fact that Pokemon Sun and Moon is pushing the limits of the 3DS can be said as a logical conclusion, especially with such a milestone under its belt.

In addition to the graphics, the Pokemon are being used as a send-up to previous generations as well, with multiple Pokemon from each generation coming to the Alola Region as well in order for players to grab some of the most popular and distinctive Pokemon from every generation (such as players being allowed to get a Greninja in their game if they played the Sun and Moon demo).

If Game Freak is really making sure that Pokemon Sun and Moon is pushing the 3DS as far as it can go, we only have a few weeks left until we can see how good the game looks, if you want to see even more of the good-looking environments, characters, and Pokemon that you saw in the game’s demo, and the Alola Region in all of its glory.