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Nintendo Switch is Powerful For A Handheld, Says Dev

Nintendo Switch have been on the news ever since it got revealed, as many are speculating what Nintendo will offer with its latest console. While the further details about the console will not reveal before Nintendo Switch Presentation in January, but a development studio has revealed a tiny bit of detail about it.

Swedish developer, Image & Form Games, was asked on their Twitter account that how Nintendo Switch compares to other home consoles. The developer replied that it might be a handheld but it has a lot of power.

In another Tweet the developer said that the handheld screen is great and fans will not be disappointed by it, and also said that it is great to develop games for the console. It seems that the developing games is quite easy for the console.

While the Nintendo Switch is a gaming console, Nintendo has revealed that the console is not specifically targeted towards core gamer audience.

Our philosophy is that we want to increase the number of users in all target groups. In that respect, nothing will change. We have no intention to focus exclusively on core gamers.

Also with the reveal of Nintendo’s upcoming console, many were speculating that Nintendo would now discontinue 3DS. But Nintendo has clarified that the company has no plans to discontinue Nintendo 3DS. According to Kimishima, the sales for Nintendo 3DS are improving, and thinks that Nintendo Switch could have this positive impact on the handheld’s sales.

Nintendo Switch will launch in March 2017, but no specific date or price for the console has been announced by Nintendo.