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Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Informer Cover Coming In December Issue

As the reveal for new Mass Effect: Andromeda information creeps ever closer with the coming of November 7, also known as N7 Day to the BioWare fanbase, even Game Informer has gotten in on the hype as the Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Informer cover has been revealed for the magazine’s December issue.

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The cover was revealed earlier today, only a day after BioWare released a trailer on YouTube advertising the “Andromeda Initiative”, a service where you could find out about Mass Effect: Andromeda through emails from EA as the information comes out.

When the December issue of Game Informer comes around, we can likely expect a lot of information about the game to compliment the Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Informer cover. There, we’ll likely learn a lot about what the game will involve, with the characters, environments, and maybe even learning about how the Mass Effect universe will have changed since the Reaper War that ended the first trilogy, especially since the game apparently takes place 600 years after the trilogy ended.

We don’t really know much about the party members of the game; the only ones we’ve seen are Ryder, the brother/sister pair that will serve as the male or female protagonists, an unnamed asari, and what appears to be a krogan in the game’s debut trailer. However, we know fairly little specifics otherwise other than what gameplay we saw at the Playstation Meeting in September.

Thankfully, barring any further delays we won’t have much longer to wait. Mass Effect: Andromeda is supposed to drop sometime in spring of next year on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but before then the Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Informer cover will likely be at the start of an issue to give us a lot of information about the new galaxy that we’ll be dropping into and exploring throughout the game.