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Civilization VI Sales Exceed One Million Units Since Its Inception

Civilization VI sales have crossed one million sales due to its breathtaking appeal since its release. The MMO game offers both the singleplayer and multiplayer story mode option.

Civilization VI Sales Exceed One Million

SteamSpy has recorded that Civilization VI sales cross one million. A rough estimate is that 1,001,441 copies were sold till 31st October.

The real figures could vary largely as 20,000 units of the title are being sold on a daily basis since the day of Civilization VI’s launch.

The peak concurrent players recorded just yesterday crossed a massive 60,000. YouTube stats. for the last week show over one and a half million video uploads and more than 8500 comments which is an unquestionable indicator that Civilization VI crosses One Million sales within last two weeks.

Civilization VI, an open world single and multiplayer strategy game is becoming a big smash hit in the market as Civilization VI Crosses One Million Sales. Civilization VI offers new ways for players to engage with the world around them.

A player’s empire is now spread across the map as each city spans multiple tiles, allowing players to custom build their cities in order to take full advantage of the local terrain. The title will also feature a dynamic diplomacy system, which will allow interactions between other civilizations to change over the course of the game.

A big reason for Civilization VI’s success is its tendency to offer players, a gameplay so addictive that the average playtime is more than 20 hours in the last two weeks.

It is likely for Civilization VI to have even more steep graphs in terms of sales when people are unable to get out of there due to cold and need some quality and addictive game.