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Xbox One Scorpio Backwards Compatibility Will Work With Xbox 360

Despite the hardware that separates them being almost a decade apart, according to Microsoft, the Xbox 360 will still work with Xbox One Scorpio backwards compatibility, allowing the Scorpio to use the same backwards compatibility system that’s currently used on the Xbox One to allow Xbox 360 games to run on its backwards compatibility service.

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The Xbox One Scorpio is a much more powerful console than even the Xbox One, to the point where it’s even more powerful than Playstation’s much-touted Playstation 4 Pro and might even compete with some PC hardware, with its six teraflops of processing power that can allow players to run their games at 4K and 60 frames per second.

The fact that Xbox One Scorpio backwards compatibility is still a thing for the Scorpio could be a major boost in selling units of the console for Microsoft, where many people may have been worrying that the highly popular games on the backwards compatibility list that haven’t been re-released yet (especially since a version of one of the most popular games on the list, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, came out on October 27.)

The answer about the Xbox One Scorpio backwards compatibility actually came from a Twitter question aimed at Mike Ybarra, the director of program management at Microsoft. The Twitter question was still skeptical if the One’s backwards compatibility feature (which is hugely popular) would make its way onto the upgraded One console.

Considering that there are now over 275 different games that were originally on the Xbox 360 now available since the service’s announcement in 2014, Microsoft might have lost a lot of sales for the Scorpio if they hadn’t thought ahead and made it so that Xbox One Scorpio backwards compatibility would be a thing for the console.

The Xbox One Scorpio will be releasing sometime next year, so in the meantime Microsoft will have the opportunity to port more Xbox 360 games over to its backwards compatibility service for people to play on the Scorpio.