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Wii U Production Ceasing This Week, Sources Claim

Nintendo’s Wii U hasn’t done good lately and now it seems that this console is about to meet its end. Some sources, in fact, are claiming Wii U production is going to end within this Friday.

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Even if this is a bad news, it’s easy to understand why Nintendo would cease Wii U production so soon. On balance, Wii U has been one of the most disappointing consoles in terms of sales. Until now, Wii U has sold 13.36 million units, even less than Gamecube and Nintendo 64, and it’s an impressive result (in a bad way, of course), especially if you consider that this console’s start was very good.

There’s a lot of reason behind this console’s failure.

The first thing is Wii U was less powerful than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and this has been a huge problem for developers as they had to make good games with poor resources. Moreover, Wii U wasn’t the best console to develop games for as a lot of teams had multiple problems during the development phase and they decided to abandon their projects.

As a result, Nintendo’s Wii U didn’t have third party support, providing few games worth buying.

Another important element is marketing. Nintendo didn’t do its best to advertise this console and the “Wii U” name wasn’t surely one, as it implied this console was a sequel for Wii. Wii U wasn’t also comfortable during play time and a lot of people didn’t like its strange design.

In few words, this console was the worst one Nintendo could ever produce, but we strongly hope Nintendo Switch to be a success.

However, one more exclusive is going to be released on Wii U: Zelda Breath Of Wild, releasing within 2017.