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Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Confirmed, And It’s Coming in 2017

After the success of Star Wars BattleFront, EA has confirmed the news of Star Wars BattleFront Sequel. Undoubtedly, Star Wars Battlefront outdistanced all the hopes and expectations for the publisher (in numbers, atleast).

Even if somebody says, 2015 was the year of Star Wars, he won’t be wrong about it. Star Wars excelled in theaters, as a video-game, in the other games mods and remakes. In 2015, It was like Star Wars everywhere.

Star Wars BattleFront Sequel is simply no surprise. After coming in the Golden Deals in the Xbox, EA has profited immensely from Star Wars Battlefront bagging the shipments of more than 14 million. The Star Wars Battlefront Sequel confirmation solidified after the statement of the EA CFO Blake Joergensen that.

Star Wars Battlefront II will have bigger and better worlds

As EA claims that Star Wars Battlefront was the most downloaded game of the year 2015 and the profits got a steep hill climbing after such an immense sale of more than 14 million units. The company is quite resolute about the launch of Star Wars Battlefront Sequel.

Although the launch date for the Sequel is still undecided, yet it is confirmed that EA is solemn in Star Wars Battlefront Sequel and this is not surprise as the Star wars Battlefront really paid well to the company in terms or profits and revenue.

The Former Creative Director of Uncharted is also on board with the EA games for the work on Star Wars Battlefront Sequel and Jorgensen is quite keen to launch a new sequel every year in the upcoming four years. Hennig started Star Wars in 1977 and is now back home with EA as she stated that, “After 23 years, she is now back home with EA”.

Hennig and Jorgensen seems like a good combination for Star Wars Battlefront Sequel.