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Skyrim Dragons VS. Archers, The Power of Mods

Skyrim: Special Edition has been released few days ago, but it’s one of the most talked games right now, and Skyrim dragons VS. archers battles is one of many things to make special edition a worthy addition, specially on consoles.

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Original Skyrim was a huge success, but this remaster eventually ended up being the definitive game as its enhanced graphics and gameplay can capture the magic again.

Mods have also been added to this game and thanks to them, Skyrim dragons VS. archers battles are now possible.

Cosmic Contrarian, who worked on strange mods for Fallout 4, already tried to give life to 100 dragons and 1,000 archers battles, but the original Skyrim version couldn’t handle such things.

Anyway, Skyrim: Special Edition is out and these epic/strange battles are now supported, with 4K resolution.

Here you can find Cosmic Contrarian words about this question.

“I¬†created this battle in Skyrim Special Edition, it really has improved performance a lot over the original, it was impossible to do such things with that said version.”

Besides Skyrim dragons VS. archers, Frostfall mod is available on Xbox One.

This mod is a famous one and it aims to make Skyrim a more immersive and realistic game, featuring menaces like hypothermia and strange weather conditions.

With this mod, players will have to focus and think about where and when to camp, since weather conditions can influence their status. 13 new spells have also been added to Skyrim and the final result is very, very impressive.

This mod is already available for Xbox One to be downloaded, if you are interested in it.

Skyrim: Special Edition is already out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.