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Pokemon Sun and Moon Preload Now Available, Get 12 Quick Balls!

According to a statement from the Pokemon fansite, the Pokemon Sun and Moon preload option is now available, allowing Pokemon fans that have pre-ordered the newest upcoming Pokemon game to pre-order it so that they can play it immediately without having to wait to install it.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon hype has been through the roof for multiple months, and it has only increased with every subsequent video that releases more information about the Pokemon, characters, and mechanics of the Alola Region.

These trailers have done various things like show off Z-Moves, the evolutionary chains of the three starters, and the reveal of a number of returning characters, including Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, Hoenn rival Wally, and Red and Blue, from the very first Pokemon games.

Players that take part in the Pokemon Sun and Moon preload will also be getting 12 Quick Balls to use in the game. The Quick Ball is a special variant of Poke Ball that has an increased chance of catching a Pokemon if you throw it immediately at the start of battle, so if you come across a Pokemon that you want, you can try throwing a Quick Ball to catch it immediately. The game could also be handy when you deal with roaming legendaries that run away immediately.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon preload will take up 3.2 gigabytes of space on your Nintendo 3DS in order for you to download it, so if you’ve got any fairly big games that you don’t play anymore you should probably delete them to make room if you don’t have 3.2 gigs available.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18 in America, and on November 23 in Europe. Players who have played the Sun and Moon demo over the past month will be getting a special Greninja in the game, as well.