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New Data Shows PS4 Beats PC in the United States, Mobile is King

PayPal and SuperData Research have results from a new survey showing that PS4 beats PC in the United States. 49 percent of U.S. males play on Sony’s PlayStation 4, compared to about 48 percent who play on PC. Meanwhile, there are 78% who play on mobile.

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The survey had 10,000 participants across 10 global markets. When you look at stats for the opposite gender, they are clear in one thing, the majority of females prefer puzzle, arcade, and other casual genres more than men. 30 percent mobile players prefer playing in the office, 13 percent on the laptop, and 10 percent use a console in the work environment.

PS4 Beats PC

Consoles take up most of the gaming market and each gaming session on a console lasts about 1 to 2 hours, according to the 40 percent of respondents. 34 percent take their sessions from 2 to 4 hours.

The gaming market is changing due to the nature of the new console cycles. We will see more mid-gen upgrades that are directly competing with PC. Sony already stated that it is trying to stop gamers from moving to PC, hence, PlayStation 4 Pro.

Nintendo, on the other hand,  is working on Nintendo Switch which is expected to bring the company back in the console space. Investors don’t seem too happy about Nintendo’s vision and future plans but the community is intrigued.

If for some reason, Nintendo Switch fails then the company would be forced to pull out of the gaming hardware market. Analysts believe that the best course of action, in that case, would be to develop titles for PlayStation and Xbox.

Mobile gaming is booming across the globe and Nintendo games can do well on the platform (Pokemon Go is a great example).