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Hip Hop Artists From “Run The Jewels” Arrive In Gears Of War 4

Gears Of War 4 has launched with some stellar reviews and the DLC for the game are starting to drop. Today Gears Of War 4 players are getting new DLC for free, and the devs has also announced EL-P and Killer Mike from “Run The Jewels” are also available for the game.

The Coalition has announced that both EL-P and Killer Mike are now available in Gears Of War 4 as playable characters. Also both not only gave their likeness to the game but also they did the voice over for their characters.

The brotherhood that Killer Mike and El-P represent as Run the Jewels perfectly matches the soul of Gears, which at its core is about that brotherhood and never fighting alone.

Also the 18 new weapon skins, emblems, and bounties are also available in Gears Of War 4 as part of the Run The Jewels Air Drop DLC. Both of these playable characters are now available in both multiplayer and Horde mode.

In addition to this, The Coalition has also added its first free DLC maps to Gears Of War 4. The updated versions of Checkout and Drydock maps from Gears Of War 3 are now available, and those who own the season pass can download them now, and the rest will get access to these maps on November 8 for free.

While it has not been a month since the launch of Gears Of War 4, and rumors about Gears Of War 5 are starting to pop up. Recently in an an interview Jackie Chua, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Synergy 88 Digital, said that “Gears 5 is around the corner….” but she quickly recovered from this slip of tongue and said that this is what she heard on the internet.

Gears Of War 4 is an action adventure game developed by The Coalition exclusively for PC and Xbox One.