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Square Enix Announced iOS And Android Game Final Fantasy Legends II

Square Enix has finally pulled the curtains over the next Final Fantasy Mobile game, Final Fantasy Legends II. Takashi Tokita will be filling the role of the game director for the game, and calls the title “Rebirth”.

However, according to Square Enix Final Fantasy Legends II is a beginning of a new adventure and has nothing to do with the first Final Fantasy Legends, which was released in the west under the title of Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Currently no release date has been announced for the game, nor it has been confirmed that it will launch in the west.

However, the next Final Fantasy adventure to launch for console later this month is Final Fantasy XV, which is also going to be an open world game. Speaking of the open world, Final Fantasy XV’s open world is so enormous that players can easily get lost in it.

Also the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XV is available for pre-order, and will launch in December 21, 2016 with three different editions.

The CD version of the soundtrack will be available for $39.99, Blu-Ray version of the soundtrack will be available for $59.99, and the Limited Edition for Final Fantasy soundtrack will be available for $109.99. The Limited Edition includes:

  • Final Fantasy XV’s theme song ‘Stand By Me’ by Florence + the Machine
  • Behind the scenes Boston ‘Stand By Me’ recording session.
  • Blu-Ray bonus disc including over 250 tracks the party can listen to on the Regalia’s stereo. Tracks originate from previous Final Fantasy games, a perfect early anniversary celebration!
  • Piano Arrangement CD: Selected tracks from the game will be included as piano arrangements on this disc.
  • Special booklet: This large booklet includes liner notes, a round table discussion with main composer Yoko Shimomura and the music production team. To top it off, Yoshitaka Amano’s ‘Big Bang’ artwork is being used for the cover.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to launch on November 29, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.