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Final Fantasy 15’s World Is Enormous Enough To Get Lost In

With Final Fantasy 15 now in the final stages of its development after being delayed, pushing the game back from September 30 to November 29, numerous people that have played its numerous demos (including a press copy that takes you through the first five chapters of the game), and apparently Final Fantasy 15’s world is so big, you can get lost in it.

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After the much-maligned 13 trilogy, with its infamously linear levels and bad protagonist, Final Fantasy 15’s world being so big could be a welcome return to form for the mainline Final Fantasy series, even with Final Fantasy 14, the MMO, still going strong.

According to a sort of review about the game’s first five chapters, the world in the game is just as wide-open as promised by the demos and the Final Fantasy development team. The game is extremely pretty and very wide open, with plenty of things to do, and apparently Square Enix has conspired to make you have to walk and take things in from time to time, even if it means leaving your snazzy car.

The Regalia, the car Noctis and his friends will ride in to go from place to place in the game, serves as your fast-travel system, as you drive from city to city and from one location to another. However, despite it being able to turn into an airship, it can’t take you everywhere. It can take you to parking spots, lookouts, and other places where cars can go, but it won’t take you offroad; you’ll have to find a chocobo for that, or go on foot.

Players will be able to hunt monsters, fight enemies, and explore Final Fantasy 15’s world so much that you may be hideously overleveled when you actually get to the story bit you’re going for; on the other hand, that may be something that Final Fantasy’s been needing to get it back to one of gaming’s greatest franchises.

Final Fantasy 15 has gone gold, and will be releasing for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November 29. We’re almost there, folks. Just hang on.