Capcom Predicts PS4 Will Sell 100 Million Units By 2020, And Pleased By Nintendo Switch

Recently Capcom held its financial briefing for the first half of the year which ended in September 30th. During the briefing, president and CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto talked about PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and more.

According to Tsujimoto, PlayStation 4 is showing a very strong performance in sales even better than PlayStation 3. He further added that with over 40 million units already sold for the console, the company predicts that PlayStation 4 will have sold 100 million units by 2020.

He also said that Microsoft is also committed to expand its sale, and Capcom needs to strengthen its game lineup for Western market.

He also talked about Nintendo’s upcoming console, Nintendo Switch. According to him, a new hardware in the market is considered very pleasing, and as a software developer, the company wants to develop games that offer an experience tailored based on the characteristics of each console, and the enjoyment of the audience.

Also Capcom has revealed its sales expectations for Resident Evil 7,which releases in early 2017 for PC and consoles, and Dead Rising 4. According to the company, they expect Resident Evil 7 to sell 4 million units, and also revealed that the demo for the game was downloaded 4 million times.

Capcom also expects Dead Rising 4 to sell 2 million units, and given that the game is timed exclusive for PC and Xbox One the sales expectations are low, and the Dead Rising franchise is not as popular as Resident Evil franchise.

In a recent ambassador meeting held by Capcom, the developer revealed that development on Resident Evil 7 is 90 percent complete. Also during the meeting Capcom showcased Resident Evil 7 running on PlayStation 4 Pro.

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