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Titanfall 2 Boomtown Map Guide – Prime Locations, Jumps & Spots, Game Mode Tips

Titanfall 2 Boomtown Map Guide to help you get to know about all important jumps & spots on the map alongside tips for all game modes.

This map has multiple rooftops, wallrunning positions, and indoor areas to aid pilots against titans. The narrow pathways make it fairly easy to ambush titans, but if you get off-guard – be prepared to insta-death.

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Titanfall 2 Boomtown Map Guide

In our Titanfall 2 Boomtown Map Guide, we have provided an overview of everything you need to know about the said map along with tips for different game modes.

Prime Locations

Demo Building
If you are not looking to capture objectives and simply want to scout enemies or snipe them from a safe distance, this is the place to be. In addition to the main entrance, there are two alternative entrances which you need to cover if you want to be inside. You should also be able to control the area from the courtyard which is something you should definitely try.

Once again, this is the center of the map and is surrounded by four building which provide pretty decent view of the bridge. This is something which you need to bear in mind when approaching this area. Similar to Black Water Canal multiplayer map, the area below the bridge is titans’ heaven so make sure to bear this in mind.

Chow Hall
This double-storey building has some decent cover on the ground floor which you should utilize while defending the objective. The area has a total of four entrances, but you can jump inside from the destructed rooftop which is something most of the players use. Before you head inside, however, it is better to look around – better than getting caught off-guard.

Titan Target Range
This place is a heaven for titans, but that does not mean you should not head inside as pilots. It is an open area with little to no cover for pilots, but you should be able to conceal yourself under the foliage in the middle of the area. I highly recommend heading inside the area, only to support your titans.

This area is almost identical to Titan Target Range, but is more open and has far less cover for pilots. However, there are buildings nearby which should provide you with enough room to provide support fire for your friendly titans. If you have a titan that likes to roam and heavily relies on mobility, you will absolutely shine here.

Game Modes Strategy

Amped Hardpoint
This is a relatively smaller map as compared to others in the game. While playing on this map, your primary objective should be to take 2 hardpoints and keep switching between them. It is highly recommended that you push for the one in the middle as it will give you a huge advantage.

When it comes to defending your home hardpoint, you should either do it from the ground floor of the Demo Building or from the area across the building. It is, however, recommended that the area be defending with a couple of pilots. The same goes for the Mess Hall.

Finally, coming to bridge, remember that there is little to no cover available in the area. If enemies have yet to know your exact position, capture the point as fast as you can and get out.

Bounty Hunt
You need to control the bridge as early as possible which will allow you to collect your first bounty – don’t just charge in and maintain some distance. Both the Titan Forest and the Titan Target Range involve similar strategies. Pilots need to take control of the buildings while protecting their flanks. Titans, on the other hand, naturally excel in these areas because of openness. If you have a titan like Scorch, you are bound to do good with Incendiary Traps.

Capture the Flag
While playing Capture the Flag on Boomtown, you basically need to be fast and make as less mistakes as possible. Because of how compact and narrow the map is, it is highly recommended that you stick to the path which you used in order to get the flag.

Moreover, you should try and use the west side of the map which has enough buildings that should allow you to gain enough momentum, speed, and cover that you need in order to return the flag. Lastly, do note that Stim can be a lifesaver in this map so use it wisely.

This is all we have on Titanfall 2 Boomtown Map Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!