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New Resident Evil 7 Videos Show Item Inspection, Item Puzzles

Several weeks ago, some videos that showed off short snippets of Resident Evil 7 gameplay were posted by Capcom. Now, two new Resident Evil 7 videos have been released, showing off the player inspecting items (in this case, a box) and at least one item puzzle that relies on the player finishing a picture.

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These two games are fairly commonplace in Resident Evil games, though the puzzle is more Resident Evil-like than the item inspection. While Resident Evil is familiar with a superimposed image of an item that you pick up coming up on the screen, being able to turn it around and look at it is somewhat new, as it only debuted in the Resident Evil 7 demo.

The new Resident Evil 7 videos, like the ones that came before them, are once again cliffhangers, more notably in the first video, entitled “A Closer Look”. After turning the box over several seconds, the player character finally comes across a latch on the box…and the trailer ends, without letting us know what’s inside.

The “Imagination” video, the one that shows the puzzle, is characteristically Resident Evil; the player character enters a building with a projector and a small plinth in front of a picture of what appears to be two spiders, one of which is missing. Players must then use the projector’s light to apparently match the shadow of various items to the picture in order to figure out the puzzle.

The new Resident Evil 7 videos also offer a bit more of the environment. While we’re still in first-person, we are shown a bit more than the apparently massive mansion that the majority of the game takes place in; while the “A Closer Look” trailer shows a storage closet, the “Imagination” video shows what appears to be some kind of storage shed outside.

Either way we’ll be waiting a bit longer before the game actually comes out on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows in January of next year.